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Rendering Services in Chatham

Welcome to R Coat, where your home’s exterior transformation is just a call away. Specialising in rendering services in Chatham, we’re here to elevate your property with a touch of elegance and robust protection. With a plethora of finishes and colours, including matching existing shades, your dream home exterior is within reach.

Want to discuss your vision? We’d love to chat about what you have in mind. Our experts will craft a solution that’s tailored specifically for you and your home. So reach out to us today to get started. A transformative refresh is just a call away.

The Power of a Superior Exterior

Never heard of rendering? You’re not alone. There are many homeowners like yourself who are yet to discover the wonders of rendering. It’s more than just an aesthetic upgrade; it’s a shield for your home.

Rendering not only enhances your property’s appearance with a variety of smooth or textured finishes but also fortifies it against the whims of weather. That means an entirely new aesthetic with the added benefit of protection.

In what is becoming increasingly popular in Medway, Kent and the South East, rendering employs top-grade materials to deliver a durable, weather-resistant finish.


Approved STO Contractors

STO render provides an extra level of durability that is not seen in other products with the inclusion of silicone (excellent for waterproofing). The sand used offers differing characteristics that range between fine and course. This will allow different looks to be gained effortlessly. In advance of application, our employees will ensure that the exterior surfaces are clean and dry. This will allow the render to properly hold while blocking any air pockets from forming in the process. Our trained experts will then apply the render using tools such as sponges, brushes and trowels to give the desired physical appearance.

Advantages of Rendering

Rendering involves applying a thin coating of a cement-like material directly over current exterior walls and other structures; providing the owner of a house a number of specific advantages.

Venetian Plastering Medway Kent

Choice of Colours

Venetian Plastering Medway Kent

Weather Resistant

Venetian Plastering Medway Kent

Quality Textures and Finishes

Venetian Plastering Medway Kent

Protective and Water-Resistant

Venetian Plastering Medway Kent

Very Long Lasting

Other Areas Covered for Rendering Services

Experience Elegance and Durability Combined

At R Coat, we pride ourselves on offering an array of rendering applications, each promising unparalleled quality. Our Silicone Coloured Render features silicone for exceptional waterproofing and a range of textures for that perfect look.

Our team of approved STO contractors methodically prepare surfaces, ensuring flawless application and longevity. No shortcuts here, partnering with R Coat means you’re getting superior craftmanship from start to finish.

Reap the Benefits of Advanced Rendering

Rendering isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s a practical choice for every homeowner. It provides a protective, water-resistant layer that enhances durability. Our coloured render options, infused with pigments during production, offer low maintenance without the need for frequent repainting.

These advanced systems, including silicone-based products, offer enhanced durability and weather protection, allowing your property to breathe while repelling water.

About Us: Your Trusted Rendering Specialists

At R Coat, we’re not just contractors; we’re craftsmen. Accredited by The Guild of Master Craftsmen and TrustMark, our team is dedicated to delivering excellence. With over 530 successful rendering projects and counting, our expertise is your assurance. We’re proud to serve Kent and the South East with unparalleled skill and commitment.

Coloured Rendering Medway Kent

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We provide our rendering services across Kent and the South East. Should you require any advice regarding our through-coloured rendering systems, feel free to give us a call for a free quote.