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External Wall Insulation in Tunbridge Wells

Has your Tunbridge Wells home become drafty and expensive to heat? If your walls aren’t effectively insulated, you could be losing a significant amount of warmth. That means higher energy bills and less comfort. R Coat can solve this with superior external wall insulation (EWI).

This innovative solution will forever change how you use energy. So, let us introduce you to an entirely new way to live. Call the pros at R Coat today to revolutionise your home.

How External Wall Insulation Works

We securely attach a specialised layer of insulation to the outside of your home’s walls. This insulation is then finished with a protective and attractive render. The result is a barrier that dramatically reduces heat loss, keeping your interior warm and cosy.

Benefits of External Wall Insulation

If you’re tired of high energy bills and a drafty home, external wall insulation (EWI) could be the solution you need. This investment in your property offers a host of compelling benefits:

  • Slash Heating Costs: The Energy Savings Trust estimates EWI can reduce your heating expenses by a remarkable £500 annually.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Say goodbye to chilly rooms and drafts! EWI keeps your home warm and inviting.
  • Weather Protection: EWI also shields your home against the elements, preventing damage and extending its lifespan.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: Choose from a wide range of colours and textures to give your home a fresh, modern look.

R Coat brings years of expertise to every EWI project. We provide seamless service across Kent and the South East, delivering exceptional results for homes and businesses alike. Our team holds CSCS certification and prioritises safety and customer satisfaction.

Transform Your Home. Contact Us Today.

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